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The Crew

Jolly Roger Ink Asylum Tattoo Artists


With 5 years experience in tattooing, Rob specialises in new school and cartoonism tattoos. He also has a background in graffiti and art design. Rob enjoys a colourful challenge in personalising tattoos to clients special requirements.

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Snatch has completed his apprenticeship and continues to grow his skill with new designs and concepts. Snatch enjoys customising lettering and black & grey designs, using influences from his graffiti and graphic design background.

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Surrealism and black & grey. Rex enjoys unique client requests in designing complete themed pieces. With a life history in sales and marketing, customer service is integral to Rex. He has 3 years tattooing experience.

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Calvin enjoys traditional style and folk style tattoos. He is studying the history and development of tattoos. Calvin has 2 years experience working from home and is currently completing his apprenticeship at the studio.

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About Us

The Jolly Roger Ink Asylum is one form of skin art. We utilise electronic machines to stack ink into a set out design. This art form takes years of training in order to achieve a world class quality product. The Jolly Roger Ink Asylum's focus is to improve and pioneer the art in Africa and abroad. In order to achieve this, an industry standard should monitor and control the education, awareness and health standard in order to insure quality control on on equipment, materials and the procedure itself. Our goal is to provide professional and sound advice to clients about the art, risks they are facing and also to create a safe environment where this procedures are being conducted. We aim to set and maintain the highest level of hygiene in order to prevent any form of cross contamination. We further strive to keep up to date international trends and standards.

Jolly Roger Tattoo Studio

Whatever your reason, at the Jolly Roger Ink Asylum we understand and respect that your personalised tattoo is as unique as the person you are. In remembrance of loved ones, as a representation of a tradition or culture, whether you’ve wanted something tattooed your whole life or just recently decided to get one.. our team of creative tattoo artists are here to help make your next tattoo experience a memorable one!

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Get the best out of your tattoo by following these tattoo aftercare instructions.

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